Family Therapy in London

My Approaches to Counselling

I provide counselling for individuals, couples, children and families and use a number of different approaches which include:


Psychodynamic counselling helps you explore issues that happened in the past and gain understanding about how they might be impacting on the present. For example, if you have received unspoken messages for your primary family that emotions are unacceptable, how might this affect your current relationships? Similarly, conflicting messages about body image and eating may unconsciously be having a profound impact on your current relationship with food.

Family Therapy and Couples Counselling

I also work ‘systemically’ to help you explore existing patterns of relating and communication between you as a couple, family members or significant others in your life which may be contributing to relationship difficulties. This is referred to as ‘Family Therapy’ which provides a safe environment in which couples and family members can be helped to understand each other’s thoughts, emotions, beliefs, differences and needs; and also gain insight into each other’s actions and behaviours.

An important part of the process involves giving everyone the opportunity to speak and be listened to, gain understanding about the impact of their words and actions on other family members; and explore how everyone can work together to find the solutions that are best for all concerned.

Family therapy may be particularly helpful in supporting major life transitions such as: couples experiencing difficulties or going through divorce, bereavement, redundancy, retirement and the significant changes that occur in family relationships when children become adolescents.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

CBT helps you to understand the thoughts and feelings that influence your behaviour and is commonly used to treat a wide range of difficulties including anxiety, depression addictions, emotional eating and phobias.

CBT is generally short-term and focused on helping you deal with specific issues such as anxiety or depression. CBT can enable you to learn how to identify and change unhelpful or unfounded thought patterns (‘cognitive’) and what you do (‘behaviour’), which can help you to feel better.

When Eating Becomes a Problem

Eating should be simple, pleasurable and straightforward but sometimes we can use eating, and other behaviours to cope with difficult emotions. Eating difficulties can also be a family issue and cultural beliefs around size and image can greatly impact your relationship with food. I run an ‘Explore Your Emotional Eating’ course for individuals which can help you gain understanding about your relationship with food and patterns of emotional eating. For more details please go to the Emotional Eating Course page.

Our First Meeting

During our first meeting we will discuss the issues you or your family are currently facing and decide whether individual, couple or family therapy will be helpful. We will also talk about how many sessions you or your family might need.

Can I Help?

If you have any questions or would like to make a first appointment, please either telephone me on 0781 2063 565 or email me at

I offer online appointments also.